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What's an electric acoustic guitar?

What's an electric acoustic guitar?

Michael Morris |

An electric-acoustic guitar, also known as an acoustic-electric guitar, is a musical instrument that combines the acoustic properties of a traditional acoustic guitar with the capability to be amplified electronically like an electric guitar. This hybrid design allows the player to use the guitar in both acoustic and amplified settings, making it versatile for various musical genres and performance situations.

Here are some key features and components of an electric-acoustic guitar:

1. Acoustic Body: An electric-acoustic guitar has a hollow or semi-hollow body, similar to a traditional acoustic guitar. This body shape and construction contribute to the guitar's natural acoustic sound when played unplugged.

2. Pickups: The electric-acoustic guitar is equipped with pickups, which are electronic devices that capture the vibrations of the strings and convert them into electrical signals. These signals can then be sent to an amplifier or other audio equipment.

3. Onboard Electronics: Most electric-acoustic guitars have onboard electronics that include controls for adjusting the volume, tone, and often equalization (EQ). Some models may also have built-in tuners and even effects processors.

4. Output Jack: To connect the guitar to an amplifier or a sound system, it has an output jack that allows you to plug in a cable for amplification.

5. Acoustic Sound: When played unplugged, an electric-acoustic guitar sounds much like a traditional acoustic guitar, with the sound projected through its soundhole.

6. Amplified Sound: When connected to an amplifier or PA system, the electric-acoustic guitar's pickups capture the sound and allow it to be heard at a much higher volume, making it suitable for live performances or recording.

Electric-acoustic guitars are popular among musicians who want the best of both acoustic and electric worlds. They can be used in various musical genres, from folk and country to rock and pop, providing the flexibility to switch between acoustic and amplified sounds as needed. This versatility makes them a practical choice for performers who want to maintain the warmth and resonance of an acoustic guitar while having the option to play at louder volumes when necessary.
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